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Author Topic: Nostale - .NOS unpacker and repacker decrypter  (Read 565 times)

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Nostale - .NOS unpacker and repacker decrypter
« on: March 08, 2021, 06:02:21 pm »
Nostale OneExplorer unpacker for supported:

Currently supported Nostale Archives**
NStpeData [Textures for effects]
NStpuData [UI textures]
NStpData [Textures for maps]
NSipData [Items', buffs', avatars' and skills' icons]
NS4BbData [Big images]
NStcData [Map Grid]
NScliData [constring.dat]
NSlangData [_code_lang_list (ztsXXXe)]
NSetcData [Word list for Memory & TabooStr.lst]
NSgtdData [Items, quests, skills, mobs etc. data]
NSmpData [Monster sprites]*
NSppData [Player-related sprites]*
NSmnData (Mob-related sprite infos)*
NSpnData (Player-related sprite infos)*
NSmcData (Monster-related animation kits)*
NSpcData (Player-related animation kits)*
NStgData (3D Models)*
NStgeData (3D VFX models)*

Download on GitHUB:


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